The Story

A Perfume Organic is passionately committed to offering the finest organic perfumes possible.


A Perfume Organic is created by designer/perfumer Amanda Walker, an innovator of scent formulation and ecological packaging. Amanda has gained acclaim for creating 100% organic blends, sharing her knowledge with her peers through Summit Beauty Incubator and giving instructional classes at the New York Open Center. She was invited to present at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center in New York, designed experiential scent features for New York Fashion Week, and been featured in the design text book Packaging the Brand.


Drawing upon her experience working for Manhattan based, multi-billion dollar beauty corporations, Amanda wanted to offer a natural, alternative to synthetic perfumes, which often contain acetone, petro-chemicals, and phthalates (used to make plastics). Hundreds of studies have linked these chemicals to asthma, migraines, and air pollution. Inspired by her training with Master Perfumers and Distillers, she was reminded perfume was originally produced from flowers, fruit, herbs and spices. Amanda only wanted to use the finest, purest ingredients from plants.

A Perfume Organic's ever expanding range will offer finely crafted fragrance items for life, travel & home and will bring distinctive design, ecological consideration and attention to the smallest details. 


Join us in celebrating the beauty of nature with A Perfume Organic’s signature perfumes. 


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